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Dont you just love Euler's equation?

Beautiful but, most of all, it gives us Nothing!


This is a TEST website for related websites.

Please click around, there are several 'Easter Eggs' which we use for testing purposes only.

 Andrew W.S. Ainger BSc. CEng. FIET.

Click on below to view Well details
(Please note, we are currently in the process of changing reference numbers from the Arduino #xxxx to Well Names.
This is WIP. Your pateince is appreciated.

Location  Current Well Name AWSOM Unit Number CHARTS 
Dar es Salaam Tanzania  Ray's Unit under test #3887 #3887
Dar es Salaam Tanzania  Godfrey's Unit under test  #3888 #3888 
Dar es Salaam Tanzania  Old Test Unit  tbc  TBD  
Other tbc tbc TBD  
Watford UK  Watfort Base Station Maurice tbd  TBD
Harpenden UK  Andrew's AWSOM Test Unit........ wip  #3891


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